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Séjour de Sara - Du 30 mai au 5 juin 2022

Passerelle Paul Couturier - Saint-Georges dans le Vieux Lyon

Témoignage de Sara :


If you have an intermediate level of french and would like to improve your comprehension and conversation, I highly recommend a week-long immersion with Helene in Lyon. I first made her acquaintance online during the pandemic when we started weekly lessons. Having had a few different teachers during my french journey - either in person or online - I could immediately tell she was a professional at what she does. I was very excited to finally visit Lyon and meet Helene and family for my third french immersion through French Today.

You never really know what to expect when you are going to live with someone for a week that speaks a different language, but Helene immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed when she picked me up from the train station.

After getting settled in that first day, we started each day with breakfast and casual conversation. After breakfast we began our lesson focusing on my goals as well as where she could tell I needed improvement. I have been studying french for several years and have picked up bad habits along the way so I really appreciated the corrections so I could be aware of mistakes going forward. We took a break each day for lunch - either on my own or, on most days, les restes from the delicious dinner the night before that I was more than happy to have again! In the afternoons, we would get out and about in the town riding bikes to the movies, visiting different areas of the town, sites and walking tours. Helene is like your own personal tour guide with so much information, but given to you in understandable french and only the interesting parts : ). I love being out and exploring a new town on foot or by bike so this was perfect for me. In the evenings, Helene and her husband Laurent would prepare an amazing feast of a dinner - all with fresh, local foods - and her two teenage daughter would join us. I have to say, this is one aspect of this particular immersion that I genuinely appreciated. I would just sit back and listen to this family discuss their day and plans for the next and try to pick up as much as I could of their fast, vibrant conversation. There was never a dull moment. You know there is hope for you when even Helene’s daughters who are native french speakers, are getting corrected on their language!

The immersion was a wonderful mix of culture, history, activity, true french family life and learning practical french all an impressive city and I hope you get the opportunity to try it!

Visite de l'Opéra de Lyon - Salle du Grand Studio du Ballet

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