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Séjour de Sam et India - Du 1er au 10 août 2020

Tour de Lyon à vélo - Sam, India et Lolo !

Témoignage de Mina, la maman d'India :


Cannot recommend highly enough

My 10 year old daughter went to stay with Hélène and her family in Lyon for a 10 day total immersion experience, accompanied by her older brother. From the start of my communications with Hélène, I found her to be incredibly helpful, sincere and genuine. We received such a warm welcome when we dropped them off that we had no anxiety whatsoever about leaving our daughter there. Throughout the stay, Hélène stayed in contact with me to keep me updated about my daughter’s progress. Hélène is a very patient and skilled teacher who made sure that the lessons were fun and interactive, and tailored to my daughter’s needs and personality. In addition to the lessons, Hélène and her family took the children on lots of excursions so that they could benefit from further cultural experiences beyond the family home. This was a genuine immersion experience, in which my children were welcomed into Hélène’s family and looked after incredibly well. I should add that Hélène is a fantastic cook! Of course, the point of the immersion was to improve my daughter’s French and I have to say that her confidence was greatly increased by the visit and she is top of her class in French ☺ . We are still in contact with Hélène – she has become a family friend and we are very much looking forward to more visits in the future.

Après l'effort, le réconfort !

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese ! =)

Allez, au travail ! Courage !

Et si on faisait une partie de Dobble ?

India <3

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