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Séjour de Cathy - Du 30 mai au 5 juin 2023

Aktualisiert: 17. Sept. 2023

Cathy en route pour le Vieux-Lyon

Témoignage de Cathy :


I had a fabulous week with Hélène and her family - they are great hosts who really did so many things to ensure I felt at ease. My room was spacious and comfortable and the food was delicious, varied and plentiful. (Hélène is a terrific cook, and Laurent always complimented each dinner with good wine and music.) I was also impressed by the way Hélène tailored both the lessons and my sightseeing around Lyon to my needs and interests. Best of all, the challenge of conversing in French all day, every day made a huge difference to my confidence and speaking skills - which was just as I had hoped for with an immersion program. I’d love to do it again one day!


Halle Bocuse

Cathy, le long du Rhône, à vélo

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