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Séjour de Sean - Du 15 au 21 décembre 2019

Pause musicale - Merci Sean !

Témoignage de Sean :


I had a wonderful time during my one week stay at Hélène’s place in Lyon. From the moment I got there, her and her whole family welcomed me with open arms.

Hélène was a very patient teacher and tailored the lessons to my needs. I truly enjoyed being part of their family for a week–from watching movies together to going to a high school holiday performance to going to the bakery every morning, to going out to museums or the park or improv shows or going for a bike ride along the river, or just chilling at home and having a couple drinks… it was all amazing.

Hélène made some amazing food too. Their dog Kickass is big and may look intimidating but he’s the sweetest dog ever. The family is really awesome too. Laurent is friendly and we got to chat about a variety of things. I enjoyed being exposed to the day-to-day lives of French teenagers these days through the eyes of Solène and Manon as well.

Thank you so much Hélène and family, for the wonderful visit… I wish I could have stayed longer and I would definitely do it again!Merci, au revoir et à bientôt j’espère!!!

Joyeux petit-déjeuner =)

Blanquette de veau. Qui en reprendra ?

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