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Séjour de Richard & Ellen - Janvier, mars et avril 2022


Témoignage de Richard :


In the category of really cool things that Ellen and I have done since moving to France, up among the top few is the French immersion program we both did with a French family in Lyon.

I spent two separate weeks—one in January, one in March—with Hélène Vaurs-Lemaitre and her family, speaking nothing but French. Then Ellen went for a week at the end of April (and I went down to join her for the last two days). We were both absolutely blown away by the experience.

And when I say "the experience," I mean not only the speaking and listening to French from the time we woke up until the time we went to bed, but actually living with Hélène and her family. They were all so warm and friendly and accepting of us in their home. It was just such a very cool thing in more ways that I could list.

To say that our French improved would be an understatement. Hélène is a certified French teacher, and her specialty is teaching French to foreigners. She had a thoroughly well-thought out program for each of us, and we each finished up feeling that we had made giant leaps in our French-speaking goals.

If learning French and experiencing French family culture in a really interesting city, I can't recommend Hélène's program enough.

Vous aimez la mangue ?

Ellen & Hélène ! <3

C'est le printemps !!

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