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Séjour de Krystyna - Du 13 au 19 décembre 2021

Krystyna et moi - Santé !

Témoignage de Krystyna :


I have friends who have participated in immersion courses in the south of France with six or eight students in their groups. They had morning classes and spent the afternoons exploring. But too often they were speaking French with other learners. I wish they could have had an immersion experience with Hélène and her family, as their French would have improved logarithmically. My morning lessons with Hélène were well thought out and at my level, since she really is a talented and experienced teacher. The lessons were challenging but obtainable, not to mention irresistibly interesting. I will never look at La Jaconde (Mona Lisa) in quite the same way again.

The outings were much more than simply touristic. I felt that I got to know their quartier and its ways in those delightful walks. The trip to the prison (yes, the old prison) was not only riveting, but I was delighted to find that I understood all of the guided tour. And not often do tourists walk through a cemetery as evening approaches . . . with the Lumière brothers watching, I assume, since we acknowledged them as we passed their graves.

The time with the family opened a new door to French culture and values for me, with the evening repas being an important part of it. At times there were six around the table and all but one (me) were native French speakers. Not culture shock, exactly, but certainly mind-expanding. There were particularly enlightening discussions with Hélène and Laurent that said to me « This is France, Krystyna, enjoy it and learn from it and bring it with you when you leave.. » Manon and Solène added life and fun and thought and some frivolity to the evenings and both have real talent. And the meals surpassed the reputation of French cuisine.

I know that I’m very lucky to have had this learning and living experience with such a terrific teacher and family. I’m going to sing their praises to everyone who says they want to improve their French.

Merci d’avoir partagé votre vie, c’est vraiment spécial.

Silence, Krystyna étudie !

Un midi - Salade composée

Pizza familiale

Bon appétit tout le monde !

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