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Séjour de Al - Du 21 au 27 mai 2022

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My knowledge of French is at a beginner level, but that was not a problem as Hélène quickly put me at ease. Staying with Hélène and her family for a week was truly an amazing experience. What a great opportunity to practice my French while being a part of the everyday rhythms of a French family. And the meals were fabulous.

Hélène and her husband Laurent planned many activities and meals with friends and neighbors to give me a chance to speak French with many different people. They also organized other activities custom tailored to my interests, such as museums, parks, and historical sites in Lyon. We even went to a jazz concert at the Opera House one evening.

The French lessons each morning were rigorous, but Hélène was an excellent teacher. As a result of this experience, I was much more confident to take chances speaking French in public for the remaining two weeks of my trip in France.

I highly recommend Hélène and her family for a French Homestay Immersion.

Opéra Underground - Opéra de Lyon

Apéro en terrasse !

Petit-déjeuner en famille

BBQ et tartes aux fraises... Miam !

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